Friday, December 8, 2006

To shave Pubic Hair or not ?

Me and my Grl,had a heated discussion - to shave pubic hair. I always shave the area - nice clean and smooth. But, she was like a grl, she never would shave but always insist me to shave.

Now one day, I was on my regular job and I got big lump of hair in my mouth, I got really angry and said I can't do it

We had an argument and then I searched internet on hygiene factors and shaving. When I showed her, she finally agreed to shave

sHe tried shaving herself. What a baby!!! SHe couldn't!!

Then ultimately I had use my razors and her scissors to clean and trim the area.

I shave the area to give it a smooth texture. Now please don't use cheap razors for shaving, u'll start getting black shades in the area. Use high priced razors because the area you are shaving is also priceless. Any mishap and your future may be at stake.

Shave carefully and gently without putting in any pressure what-so-ever. Don't shave it in a hurry, it's not your legs. It's a very soft area. Gently shave with strokes in a single direction. Don't shave haphazardly - otherwise you may make scars in the area which won't look good!

Remember to shave regularly and keep separate razors for pubic shaving. Amen!

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