Friday, December 8, 2006

Mammary intercourse

Mammary intercourse, also known by many slang and colloquial terms, of which two common ones are tit wank (where the male is passive) and titty fuck (where he is not), is a form of so-called "outercourse" (sex with a partner but without penetration). In this sex act, a man's penis is placed on the intermammary sulcus, squeezed between a woman's breasts and stimulated with an up and down sliding motion, sometimes with the aid of a sexual lubricant.

When mammary intercourse is carried on to the point of the male's ejaculation, the semen can land on the breasts, face, or in the mouth of the woman. The appearance of semen landing on the woman's upper chest, neck, or shoulders gives this sex act its slang name of a "pearl necklace"

In some cases, mammary intercourse can be combined with the women performing oral sex on the penis. This is sometimes difficult, made easier by either a longer penis or a flexible neck. In this case, while oral sex is being performed, the base of the penis shaft and the testicles are what receive rubbing stimulation.

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