Friday, December 8, 2006

Does Size Really Matters?

Does size really matters? No! girls do a lot of gossip thingie - size does not matter!

What matter then?

Feelings, belongingness, passion, love - all these things matter. When feelings are there for each other, everything becomes exciting. It's not a mechanical job for women, like what men perceive. It's an emotional job. Without emotions no pleasure is there. Women are different from men in this matter.

Good size is like an add on! You go to buy a toothpaste, you get a brush free - you are happy. But if the toothpaste is missing, what will I do with the brush alone?

Same case here. If the person is bad, shallow and disgusting, what would women do with size?

Ask any woman, she will tell you so. It's a common misconception men have. It's really a sad misconception.

Does size makes things better?

Of course, it does. But, Men's mind that makes things much much better. If women likes your face, attitude and guts, things will be lot hotter than just your thingie!

So..Men, stop bragging about your size and instead groom yourself so that women will start accepting you, instead of you bragging about your size in different girls scrapbook and trying to attract girls. That's a lame strategy!

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