Friday, December 8, 2006

Butterfly Position

In the butterfly position:

* the man stands up
* the woman lies on her back, on a surface below the man's waist height.

The woman then lifts her pelvis (with the man supporting her weight with his hands) so that her vagina is in alignment with the man's penis, and the man then penetrates her in this position. Since a bed (usually the most convenient place for the woman to lie) is usually lower than the man's waist, the man may have to lean over the woman, or the woman might place a pillow or other object beneath her tailbone to elevate her groin. A combination of these two concepts can be applied as well. Generally speaking, surfaces such as tables and countertops tend to be closer to the proper height. If the position can be accomplished with minimal leaning on the man's part, the man is free to caress the woman's body during intercourse.

Features of the butterfly sex position:

* Good G-spot stimulation for the woman
* Excellent visual stimulation for the man
* The man is free to stimulate any place on the front of the woman's body
* Fairly deep penetration
* Very relaxing for the woman
* Allows for easy eye-contact