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The benifits of Sex

Sex is not only associated with the feel good factor while actually experiencing it but it also is associated with living healthy, feeling active, slowing aging and living longer. Sex has many benefits. The following is a brief exploration of the benefits of having sex on a regular basis.

Sex is a form of physical exercise. Sex three times a week burns lots of calories, and if maintained throughout the year, is equivalent to jogging 75 miles. Sexual intercourse burns approximately 150 calories per half hour - about the same as running 15 minutes on a treadmill or playing a spirited game of squash.

Increased Blood Flow:
Sex helps increase the blood flow to your brain and to all other organs of your body. Increased heart rate and deep breathing accounts for the improvement in circulation. As fresh blood supply arrives, your cells, organs and muscles are saturated with fresh oxygen and hormones, and as the used blood is removed, you also remove waste products that cause fatigue and even illness.

Reduction of cholesterol:

Sex balances out the good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ratio, and at the same time reduces the overall cholesterol count in the body.

Pain relief:
During making love, the hormone oxytocin is secreted in your body which in turn causes the release of endorphins, which act as a powerful analgesic, elevating the pain and helping to relieve the aches of conditions like arthritis, whiplash and headaches. Thus if you have a headache, have sex rather than an abstaining from it.

Protection of the prostate gland:
Prostate gland-related disorders are known to be caused by or become worsened as a result of the secretions from the gland. Regular sexual activity eliminates these harmful secretions. However, a sudden change in the frequency of sex can also cause prostate-related disorders.

Stress relief:
The satisfaction and the relaxation after sex are beneficial for the mind and the circulatory system. People having frequent sex often report that they handle stress better. Many indicate that they sleep more deeply and restfully after satisfying lovemaking.

Boost Testosterone and Estrogen:
Regular sexual activity boosts testosterone and estrogen levels in both men and women. Besides boosting your libido testosterone fortifies bones and muscles. Some physicians suggest that testosterone keeps hearts healthy and good cholesterol high. Testosterone is what makes the sex drive in men and women more aggressive. It makes you want to have sex, pursue sex, initiate sex and perhaps dominate the lovemaking. Sex increases women's estrogen levels keeping vaginal tissues suppler and also protecting against heart disease. It is estrogen that makes a woman sexually receptive and responsive to a man's approach.

Live Longer, Stay Younger:
During sex, the hormone DHEA is secreted throughout the body. This promotes sexual excitement. According to studies DHEA may be the most powerful chemical in our personal world. It helps balance the immune system, improves cognition, promotes bone growth, and maintains and repairs tissues, keeping your skin healthy and supple. It may also contribute to cardiovascular health and even function as antidepressant.

Less frequent colds and flu:
Studies suggest that individuals who have sex once or twice a week show 30 percent higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which is known to boost the immune system

Friday, December 8, 2006

Missionary Position

The missionary position is a common human sex position. In his seminal study Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), researcher Alfred Kinsey stated that 100 percent of married women surveyed reported using this position most often, whereas nine percent reported using it exclusively. There is a common belief that the term "missionary position" arose in response to teachings by Christian missionaries that this sex position was the only "proper" way to engage in sexual intercourse. This is in fact a myth. The reality is that the term probably originated some time between 1945 and 1965 through a confluence of (apparently honest) misunderstandings and misinterpretations of historical documents.

In the missionary position

* The woman lies on her back, with her legs spread either flat (horizontally on the same surface as her back), drawn up toward her chest, or wrapped around the man. She can wrap one or both legs around him at various heights: resting on the back of his upper shins or thighs, around his buttocks or back, or over his shoulders. Generally, the higher she lifts her legs, the deeper the penetration.
* The man lies on his stomach on top of the woman, his legs between her legs, and his groin at the same level as hers to facilitate penetration.

Advantages of the missionary position

* Both partners can see each other and make eye contact, thereby receiving feedback from their facial expressions and vocalizations.
* Coitus can be combined with erotic kissing on the mouth, including such variants as the "French kiss."
* Penetration is relatively deep.
* The man's groin can directly or indirectly stimulate the clitoris, depending on how the act is performed.
* A relatively quick male orgasm can be achieved if so desired; conversely, the greater control afforded the man enables him to delay his orgasm and thereby prolong the copulatory act.
* The woman may enjoy the sensation of submission to the male and the freedom to caress him as she chooses. In addition, she is able to either hasten or delay both her orgasm and that of her partner through voluntary, rhythmic flexation and relaxation of the pubococcygeus muscles surrounding her vagina.
* Very little suppleness or flexibility is required of either partner. Both are able to remain relatively relaxed and avoid fatigue.
* The intimacy of full-body contact affords a heightened sensual and emotional experience for both the male and female.
* The man can reach under and masturbate his partner using his

Disadvantages of the missionary position
* Either the man's weight is placed upon the woman (which may be uncomfortable for her) or he must support his weight upon his arms and knees (which may become tiring for him).
* It can be difficult for partners to manually stimulate the clitoris.
* There is an absence of visual stimulation, as it is difficult to see each other's bodies.
* This position sometimes produces a quick male orgasm (premature ejaculation).
* Some women do not enjoy the possibly submissive sensation of being under their partner.

Leg up missionary position

Legs up missionary position is a sex position similar to the missionary position.

In this position the woman lies on her back and the man lies or kneels in alignment with the vagina or anus. The man will hold (or press with his shoulder) the woman's legs upwards to adapt the positioning of the woman's pelvis. Some people believe that this position achieves a faster and/or more intense rate of female orgasm. This can be accomplished through lifting the women's legs higher upwards, allowing the man's penis to penetrate more fully.

A variation of this position can be to alternate the legs that are pushed up; as pushing upward both of woman's legs can be tiring for the partner - as well as some women are stimulated more if only one leg is pushed up. Furthermore, there are also degrees of pressure that can be applied to the legs, which result in different sensations for both partners.

It is also known, mainly in Scotland, as "The Magic Position", a reference to the lyrics of the Patrick Wolf album and song of the same name.

* Since it is similar to the missionary position, many of the same advantages apply
* May allow deeper penetration than in the missionary position
* Since the the female partner is not being directly laid upon, it allows her more control


* The same disadvantages can be seen here as in the missionary position
* This position sometimes produces a quick male orgasm (premature ejaculation).

Butterfly Position

In the butterfly position:

* the man stands up
* the woman lies on her back, on a surface below the man's waist height.

The woman then lifts her pelvis (with the man supporting her weight with his hands) so that her vagina is in alignment with the man's penis, and the man then penetrates her in this position. Since a bed (usually the most convenient place for the woman to lie) is usually lower than the man's waist, the man may have to lean over the woman, or the woman might place a pillow or other object beneath her tailbone to elevate her groin. A combination of these two concepts can be applied as well. Generally speaking, surfaces such as tables and countertops tend to be closer to the proper height. If the position can be accomplished with minimal leaning on the man's part, the man is free to caress the woman's body during intercourse.

Features of the butterfly sex position:

* Good G-spot stimulation for the woman
* Excellent visual stimulation for the man
* The man is free to stimulate any place on the front of the woman's body
* Fairly deep penetration
* Very relaxing for the woman
* Allows for easy eye-contact


The stopperage is a sex position described in Sir Richard Francis Burton's translation of The Perfumed Garden. He says:

"Place the woman on her back, with a cushion under her buttocks, then get between her legs, resting the points of your feet against the ground; bend her two thighs against her chest as far as you can; place your hands under her arms so as to enfold her or cramp her shoulders. Then introduce your member, and at the moment of ejaculation draw her towards you. This position is painful for the woman, for her thighs being bent upwards and her buttocks raised by the cushion, the walls of her vagina tighten, and the uterus tending forward there is not much room for movement, and scarcely space enough for the intruder; consequently the latter enters with difficulty and strikes against the uterus. This position should therefore not be adopted, unless the man's member is short or soft."

Coital Alignment Position(I love this!!!)

The coital alignment technique sex position is a variant of the missionary position designed to maximize clitoral stimulation during coitus. This is achieved by combining the "riding high" variation of the missionary position with pressure-counterpressure movements performed by each partner in rhythm with coitus. The man lies above the woman as in the missionary position, but moves upward along her body, so that the base of his penis provides stimulation to her clitoris. The man and woman alternately apply pressure through their pelvis. The woman may also wrap her legs around his. Thrusting movement adds to the pleasure using in and out short strokes along with applying pressure.

This I found to be one of the best positions to reach orgasm - Personal opinion.

Doggy Position

This name refers to the initial position assumed by dogs when mating. In English, it is also known as kitty style, retrocopulation, or simply rear entry. In this position, the receiving partner crouches on all fours with the legs slightly spread, while the penetrating partner penetrates the receiver vaginally or anally from behind.

Benefits and drawbacks

For the penetrating partner, the position offers an unobstructed view of the partner's body from the rear as well as leaving the hands and arms free. Having the arms and hands free allows the penetrating partner to stimulate the clitoris or anus of the receiving partner. For some women this position provides the best stimulation of the G Spot. For the male, this position allows for different sensations during sex as compared with other positions. For example, in this position, the testicles brush against the receiver's thighs.

One drawback of this position for some is the difficulty of maintaining direct eye contact, or kiss

Leapfrog Position

Leapfrog is a sex position in which the receiving partner is on all fours with her head and torso lower than her hips. The penetrating partner penetrates his/her anus/vagina from behind in a kneeling position. This, as with most positions in which the penetrating partner enters the receiving partner from behind, allows the penetrating partner to ensure that the receiving one, often a woman, reaches a satisfactory orgasm by manually stimulating her clitoris. This position also allows the penetrating partner to control his thrust speed more easily, providing the desired speed and stimulation for the receiving partner. Penetration can be very deep.

When a woman is penetrated in this position, the penetrating partner may stimulate her clitoris. When a man is being penetrated, the penetrating partner can stimulate his penis or testicles from behind.

The receiving partner also has the option of rotating her hips against the penis as she is penetrated giving added sensation to both partners.

One disadvantage of this position is it can cause strain on the receiving partner's back.

Side Entry Missionary

In this position, the receiving partner may be penetrated vaginally or anally. He or she lies on his or her side. For vaginal penetration, the knees usually will need to be drawn towards the chest somewhat. The penetrating partner kneels and penetrates from behind. Alternatively, the penetrating partner can stand if the receiving partner is on a raised surface.

reverse missionary

The woman on top position, also called the reverse missionary, jackhammer, or cowgirl, is a type of sex position. In this position,

* the man lies on his back or sits down in a chair of some kind
* the woman sits on top of him facing him, with his body between her legs, and with her groin aligned over his to facilitate penetration.

The name derives from the image of the woman "riding" the man like a cowgirl rides a bucking horse. It is one of a number of female superior sexual positions, another being the reverse cowgirl.


Penetration is quite deep, and the woman can control the depth and intensity of penetration. Clitoral pressure may not be very intense for some women, but can be provided by hand, or by the man periodically semi-withdrawing and manipulating his penis against the woman's clitoris, or by other means.

Proponents of the cowgirl position say there are these advantages:

* Both partners can see one another, and in particular the man can view and caress the woman's breasts while they are in a more natural position.
* Often the man can delay his orgasm longer in this position.
* The position is far less tiring for the man as he does not have to support his weight while also being physically active.
* The woman may take a relatively static position, so that she does not tire (by supporting her upper body with her extended arms with her torso almost horizontal), while the man, not having to support his weight can be quite active without fatigue. This variation eases the strain of motion upon the woman's knees, which may be an advantage for some women.
* The woman can control the depth, intensity and angle of penetration, and enjoy the dominant feeling of being in control.
* The man can enjoy receiving pleasure while relaxing.
* The woman can easily stimulate her clitoris with her hand (if in the upright version).
* The man can stimulate the woman's clitoris with his hand, though some find the thumb to be more comfortable.
* If sitting upright, the woman can reach behind her to stimulate the man's testicles.
* The man can caress the woman's buttocks and stimulate the anus.
* In a variant position in which the woman is on top and leaning over the man, the man and woman can embrace and kiss while the man is penetrating the woman. He can also caress her breasts in the position.
* Unlike in the missionary position, in this position the woman has the active role while the man has the passive role.
* It has also recieved a reputation as sexual method of waking up a partner. This has often been referred to as a "Cowgirl Wake Up" or a "Cheechoo Cowgirl Wake Up"

Reverse girl position

The reverse cowgirl (or, rarely, reverse Amazon) is a human sex position in which:

* the man lies on his back
* the woman sits on top of him facing away from him, with his legs between her legs, and with her groin aligned over his for penetration.

It is one of a number of female superior (woman on top) sexual positions.


* Penetration is quite deep.
* The woman can control the depth, intensity and angle of penetration.
* The woman can enjoy the dominant feeling of being in control.
* The man can enjoy the relaxing and otherwise rare opportunity of reclining and receiving pleasure without physical strain.
* Allows the woman to easily stimulate her clitoris on the base of the man's penis and testicles.
* Allows the man to more easily stimulate the woman's clitoris with his fingers.
* Allows the man to stimulate the woman's buttocks or anus.
* Allows the man to caress the woman's breasts from a different angle compared to other positions.
* Provides rear-entry possibility for very obese men if the man lies completely on his back.
* The man can play with the woman's breasts, providing stimulating pleasure for both.


* Neither partner can see the other well.
* Caressing is difficult.
* Some women find supporting their weight on their arms difficult.
* The man may not be able to see his penis entering the woman's vagina.
* Some men may not enjoy taking the submissive position and lack of control.

Since the penis is bent downwards in this position, care needs to be taken to avoid damage to the penis, particularly if it slips out during intercourse

Lotus Position

The penetrating partner sits on a flat surface, legs outstretched. The receiving partner sits on top and wraps their legs around the penetrating partner. Called pounding on the spot in the Burton translation of The Perfumed Garden. If the penetrator crosses their legs instead, it is called the lotus position.

Lap Dance Position

The penetrating partner sits in a chair. The receiving partner straddles penetrating partner and sits, facing the penetrating partner, feet on floor. This is sometimes known as the lap dance. Other receiver-on-top variants can be adapted in this way as well.

Proposal Position

The receiving partner kneels, legs apart. The penetrating partner kneels, one knee on ground. Sometimes called the proposal.

Stand and Carry Position

The stand and carry sex position is also called the "reverse piggy-back" or "climbing vine" position.

In this position, the man stands. The woman wraps her arms around the man's neck, and her legs around his waist, thereby exposing her vaginal entrance to the male's penis. This position is made easier with the use of a solid object behind the female, as in the basic standing sex position. Use of a solid object gives the male a more solid target to thrust against, and also helps hold her up.


* The lack of contact with the ground can allow both partners the advantages of free movement that come with regular standing sex, even if a difference in height would make that position difficult.
* Some women are turned on by a man's strength in this position.
* Deep penetration.
* Spontaneous sex, even if there is no place to lie or sit.
* Couples often find this spontaneity to be very romantic.
* Many find this position, with the woman clinging to the man, to be very intimate.
* Rough, animalistic sex.
* Women often find the motion of the man walking to be very stimulating.
* Clitoral stimulatio


* It is sometimes difficult to achieve motion without support.
* Some couples consider it less romantic.
* Intimacy (such as kissing) can be difficult due to powerful thrusts.
* It can be physically difficult for some couples, depending on each partner's size, strength, and endurance - particularly in man's arms, legs, and back and woman's legs.
* There is a danger of back injury for man.
* Arms are often occupied; making manual stimulation difficult.

Mammary intercourse

Mammary intercourse, also known by many slang and colloquial terms, of which two common ones are tit wank (where the male is passive) and titty fuck (where he is not), is a form of so-called "outercourse" (sex with a partner but without penetration). In this sex act, a man's penis is placed on the intermammary sulcus, squeezed between a woman's breasts and stimulated with an up and down sliding motion, sometimes with the aid of a sexual lubricant.

When mammary intercourse is carried on to the point of the male's ejaculation, the semen can land on the breasts, face, or in the mouth of the woman. The appearance of semen landing on the woman's upper chest, neck, or shoulders gives this sex act its slang name of a "pearl necklace"

In some cases, mammary intercourse can be combined with the women performing oral sex on the penis. This is sometimes difficult, made easier by either a longer penis or a flexible neck. In this case, while oral sex is being performed, the base of the penis shaft and the testicles are what receive rubbing stimulation.

Armpit Intercourse

Axillary intercourse is a sexual variant where the penis is inserted in the other person's armpit. It can more loosely be described as a man masturbating with a partner's arms. Contact between the hairs in the armpit and on the penis are an erotic stimulant for some adherents to this practice. The partner has control of the pressure exerted on the penis and often exerts variable pressure to the man's thorax with the elbow.

xillary intercourse is part of the broader category of outercourse. It is among the safest forms of safe sex since the genitals are greatly separated, allowing little to no exchange of bodily fluids.

Obvious complications include axillary hair (armpit hair). Axillary hair can help minimize friction, but can cause major discomfort in the armpit due to pulling and tearing of hair out of the follicle.

69 Position

The sexual position 69., also known by its alternate name soixante-neuf (taken from the French for the number), is one of the most commonly known sexual positions. It provides for simultaneous mutual oral sex.

In this position, two persons generally lie down, one on top of the other or side by side; alternatively, they may assume a similar position with one partner upright and the other inverted. Upon so orienting themselves, each partner proceeds to orally stimulate the other's genitalia. Partners commonly insert a finger into the vagina or anus of the other to provide additional stimulation. Moreover, in this position the more sensitive underside of the penis is placed against the top of the receiving partner's mouth rather than against the tongue, thereby creating a sensation different from that of traditional oral sex

Contraceptives - My experience

I seen the most varieties of prevalent contraceptives. They are a necessity these days - for birth control as well as to prevent diseases. Most often I am exposed to condoms. Kohinoor is very good. I like it - it's smooth, thin and almost like the original. Durex is better but costly. I don't trust the less priced brands, chances of breaking are higher. Some condoms have good fragrance - I like them. They make things less messy!

Condoms probably are next best inventions after computer, internet and medicin. I always keep condoms in my sling bag. If my women doesn't have, I keep them for my own safety. For boyz going out with girls, always keep condoms in your purse or bag, for your own safety n vise versa( for grls).

I have seen once female condoms used by my girl,they are too much of a hassle. Putting in is a bit painful to here.

Pills are another good option for girls. But, the pills don't prevent diseases like AIDS. Sometimes,My girl take pills to shift her periods. Say we need to travel somewhere, pills would be ideal to prevent the discomfort to her.

Copper T, etc. intrauterine contraceptives are ideal to prevent pregnancy for girls if they have a loyal partner. Especially for housewives.

The best thing about using condoms is - they are easy to use and price is less compared to the guarantee they give. But, all condoms are effective to 97%. Hence, to prevent pregnancy a condom - pill combination would be the ideal one.

To shave Pubic Hair or not ?

Me and my Grl,had a heated discussion - to shave pubic hair. I always shave the area - nice clean and smooth. But, she was like a grl, she never would shave but always insist me to shave.

Now one day, I was on my regular job and I got big lump of hair in my mouth, I got really angry and said I can't do it

We had an argument and then I searched internet on hygiene factors and shaving. When I showed her, she finally agreed to shave

sHe tried shaving herself. What a baby!!! SHe couldn't!!

Then ultimately I had use my razors and her scissors to clean and trim the area.

I shave the area to give it a smooth texture. Now please don't use cheap razors for shaving, u'll start getting black shades in the area. Use high priced razors because the area you are shaving is also priceless. Any mishap and your future may be at stake.

Shave carefully and gently without putting in any pressure what-so-ever. Don't shave it in a hurry, it's not your legs. It's a very soft area. Gently shave with strokes in a single direction. Don't shave haphazardly - otherwise you may make scars in the area which won't look good!

Remember to shave regularly and keep separate razors for pubic shaving. Amen!

Does Size Really Matters?

Does size really matters? No! girls do a lot of gossip thingie - size does not matter!

What matter then?

Feelings, belongingness, passion, love - all these things matter. When feelings are there for each other, everything becomes exciting. It's not a mechanical job for women, like what men perceive. It's an emotional job. Without emotions no pleasure is there. Women are different from men in this matter.

Good size is like an add on! You go to buy a toothpaste, you get a brush free - you are happy. But if the toothpaste is missing, what will I do with the brush alone?

Same case here. If the person is bad, shallow and disgusting, what would women do with size?

Ask any woman, she will tell you so. It's a common misconception men have. It's really a sad misconception.

Does size makes things better?

Of course, it does. But, Men's mind that makes things much much better. If women likes your face, attitude and guts, things will be lot hotter than just your thingie!

So..Men, stop bragging about your size and instead groom yourself so that women will start accepting you, instead of you bragging about your size in different girls scrapbook and trying to attract girls. That's a lame strategy!

Personal Hygiene: Females & Males

Hygiene is absolutely necessary for a healthy life. I like clean men and women - those who can't take care of themselves, how can they take care of others? So, always keep yourself clean and well groomed. Ladies do that regularly but men often remain careless. This is not rough and tough look buddy, you are inviting skin diseases to you and your partner

For ladies:

-->Always take time in your bath, a bath less than 30 minutes not worth it.

-->Use single variety of soap, don't change soap brand often. This may affect your skin.

-->Fairness cream are bad for the face skin. They contain bleach. Don't use fairness creams.

-->Clean your privates well, with antiseptics whenever you take bath.

-->Ask your partner to wash hand and body well before making love. This keeps things clean - absolute necessary

For Men:

-->We can't take bath for more than 5 minutes - But, for our girl sake,we have to take a proper bath. Wash your privates and armpits well. That will be great for lovely ladies like us.
-->Shave regularly. Shave armpits too, that's required for making them less smelly.

-->Use good quality aftershave - it delays ageing. You'll look younger for long long time.

-->Don't smoke. Smoking kills. Girls don't think you're macho if you smoke. That's a wrong perception men have.

-->Take care of your feet. Often I find good looking men having very lousy feets full of cracks. Use creams to prevent cracks - that'll make you look good.ladies watch your feet often.

-->Comb your hair properly when u go out. That's necessary. Girls like well groomed men.

-->You don't need to wear expensive clothes. Wearing well ironed clothes will do. Just look decent - no need to be fashionable if you don't have the talent.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I hope you understand the words. Keep yourself clean and free of germs. That's what is most necessary in life - to stay healthy. Amen!

Men and sense of humor

I know men wonder many a times what jokes women like: do women like clean jokes or raunchy jokes? Do dirty jokes excite women? It's very old question. What kind of jokes will you tell to entertain a woman?

We asked ourselfs the same questions many a times. It's a puzzle to Us. Girls are there to throw some lights on it.

Yeah,but my grls says.. it's true that the taste of men and women vary on jokes. For example, they don't like the utterly gross jokes that we enjoy full of slangs, they like subtle dirty jokes with a tinge of dirtiness mixed and leaves a lot on imagination. get it dudes? Oh! boyz didn't! Ok, let me explain. girls like jokes on someone trapped in an embarrassing situation in a compromising position but not the detailed description of his/her things

In fact girls like some of the jokes posted in santabanta or funtoosh. The jokes which are sensual appeals to them a lot. I have started making a video blog of jokes - all sensual but not gross. I think by next month it'll be ready

Of course, girls don't like the utterly disgusting PJs that we tell many-a-times and if you are the loved one of your girl, then many-a-times she show artificial forced smile to keep your heart but that does not make you funny!

Having a good sense of humour is very essential for men who want to keep women entertained. The best way to get into her pants is to make her smile. Nothing like it! Nothing like a good spontaneous smile! women like men who make her smile.

In fact smiles are good for mind too.