Friday, December 8, 2006

Contraceptives - My experience

I seen the most varieties of prevalent contraceptives. They are a necessity these days - for birth control as well as to prevent diseases. Most often I am exposed to condoms. Kohinoor is very good. I like it - it's smooth, thin and almost like the original. Durex is better but costly. I don't trust the less priced brands, chances of breaking are higher. Some condoms have good fragrance - I like them. They make things less messy!

Condoms probably are next best inventions after computer, internet and medicin. I always keep condoms in my sling bag. If my women doesn't have, I keep them for my own safety. For boyz going out with girls, always keep condoms in your purse or bag, for your own safety n vise versa( for grls).

I have seen once female condoms used by my girl,they are too much of a hassle. Putting in is a bit painful to here.

Pills are another good option for girls. But, the pills don't prevent diseases like AIDS. Sometimes,My girl take pills to shift her periods. Say we need to travel somewhere, pills would be ideal to prevent the discomfort to her.

Copper T, etc. intrauterine contraceptives are ideal to prevent pregnancy for girls if they have a loyal partner. Especially for housewives.

The best thing about using condoms is - they are easy to use and price is less compared to the guarantee they give. But, all condoms are effective to 97%. Hence, to prevent pregnancy a condom - pill combination would be the ideal one.

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