Friday, December 8, 2006

Men and sense of humor

I know men wonder many a times what jokes women like: do women like clean jokes or raunchy jokes? Do dirty jokes excite women? It's very old question. What kind of jokes will you tell to entertain a woman?

We asked ourselfs the same questions many a times. It's a puzzle to Us. Girls are there to throw some lights on it.

Yeah,but my grls says.. it's true that the taste of men and women vary on jokes. For example, they don't like the utterly gross jokes that we enjoy full of slangs, they like subtle dirty jokes with a tinge of dirtiness mixed and leaves a lot on imagination. get it dudes? Oh! boyz didn't! Ok, let me explain. girls like jokes on someone trapped in an embarrassing situation in a compromising position but not the detailed description of his/her things

In fact girls like some of the jokes posted in santabanta or funtoosh. The jokes which are sensual appeals to them a lot. I have started making a video blog of jokes - all sensual but not gross. I think by next month it'll be ready

Of course, girls don't like the utterly disgusting PJs that we tell many-a-times and if you are the loved one of your girl, then many-a-times she show artificial forced smile to keep your heart but that does not make you funny!

Having a good sense of humour is very essential for men who want to keep women entertained. The best way to get into her pants is to make her smile. Nothing like it! Nothing like a good spontaneous smile! women like men who make her smile.

In fact smiles are good for mind too.

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