Friday, December 8, 2006

Stand and Carry Position

The stand and carry sex position is also called the "reverse piggy-back" or "climbing vine" position.

In this position, the man stands. The woman wraps her arms around the man's neck, and her legs around his waist, thereby exposing her vaginal entrance to the male's penis. This position is made easier with the use of a solid object behind the female, as in the basic standing sex position. Use of a solid object gives the male a more solid target to thrust against, and also helps hold her up.


* The lack of contact with the ground can allow both partners the advantages of free movement that come with regular standing sex, even if a difference in height would make that position difficult.
* Some women are turned on by a man's strength in this position.
* Deep penetration.
* Spontaneous sex, even if there is no place to lie or sit.
* Couples often find this spontaneity to be very romantic.
* Many find this position, with the woman clinging to the man, to be very intimate.
* Rough, animalistic sex.
* Women often find the motion of the man walking to be very stimulating.
* Clitoral stimulatio


* It is sometimes difficult to achieve motion without support.
* Some couples consider it less romantic.
* Intimacy (such as kissing) can be difficult due to powerful thrusts.
* It can be physically difficult for some couples, depending on each partner's size, strength, and endurance - particularly in man's arms, legs, and back and woman's legs.
* There is a danger of back injury for man.
* Arms are often occupied; making manual stimulation difficult.

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