Friday, December 8, 2006

Personal Hygiene: Females & Males

Hygiene is absolutely necessary for a healthy life. I like clean men and women - those who can't take care of themselves, how can they take care of others? So, always keep yourself clean and well groomed. Ladies do that regularly but men often remain careless. This is not rough and tough look buddy, you are inviting skin diseases to you and your partner

For ladies:

-->Always take time in your bath, a bath less than 30 minutes not worth it.

-->Use single variety of soap, don't change soap brand often. This may affect your skin.

-->Fairness cream are bad for the face skin. They contain bleach. Don't use fairness creams.

-->Clean your privates well, with antiseptics whenever you take bath.

-->Ask your partner to wash hand and body well before making love. This keeps things clean - absolute necessary

For Men:

-->We can't take bath for more than 5 minutes - But, for our girl sake,we have to take a proper bath. Wash your privates and armpits well. That will be great for lovely ladies like us.
-->Shave regularly. Shave armpits too, that's required for making them less smelly.

-->Use good quality aftershave - it delays ageing. You'll look younger for long long time.

-->Don't smoke. Smoking kills. Girls don't think you're macho if you smoke. That's a wrong perception men have.

-->Take care of your feet. Often I find good looking men having very lousy feets full of cracks. Use creams to prevent cracks - that'll make you look good.ladies watch your feet often.

-->Comb your hair properly when u go out. That's necessary. Girls like well groomed men.

-->You don't need to wear expensive clothes. Wearing well ironed clothes will do. Just look decent - no need to be fashionable if you don't have the talent.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I hope you understand the words. Keep yourself clean and free of germs. That's what is most necessary in life - to stay healthy. Amen!

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